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Here's the angry pic (now known as "Teela spitting blood in anger and disgust") Just change the page number in the url for any of the pages.

I dug mine out and snapped a couple pics of my colouring.

You have the iconic and quirky slimes, the goofy fat rats, fierce dragons, and demonic Hyperanemons.

The beginning of Dragon Quest V is like a children's fantasy book.

You're traveling with your father slaying beasts and also sneak away from the adults to explore a haunted castle and explore caves.

In 2005 or perhaps early 2006, I played my first Dragon Quest game.

I had previously played the demo of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and the classic JRPG gameplay entertained me enough so when Square Enix announced the American release and that it was coming with a demo of Final Fantasy XII, it was without question that I was going to buy it.

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