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However, you risk ruining the friendship if you find out you can't get past his stature or appearance.

If you tell him no, he's going to be hurt, but he might understand.

Because this guy has already said he's interested in you romantically, you can't let it hang. If you give it a shot, it's absolutely possible for you to become physically or sexually attracted to him.

It depends on how you feel when you're around him and how important the surface is to you.

If I date him, within a few weeks or a few months I discover he has the same emotional qualities as my previous partner.

But when I first saw him from across the room, I had no idea at all that this would be true!

He teaches that these people are so attractive to us in part because they embody not only the best, but also the emotional characteristics of our parents.

All of us have unresolved childhood hurts due to betrayal, anger, manipulation, or abuse.

Unconsciously, we seek healing through our partner.

There are a lot of singles out there who fit that criteria.

This post will share some ways to cultivate sexual and romantic attraction to people who are kind, respectful—and available.

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Even if you’re relentlessly attracted to bad-boys or bad-girls, or to unavailable people, you can still develop this capacity.