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Expert guide dating victorian family photographs

She also said that she picks up her research at different points often sparked by some other enquiry.People start researching the family tree for a variety of reasons and the form that the research takes is equally varied: some people try to go back as far as possible; some try to find everyone on their tree however distantly related; some people try to locate all living relatives; others are interested in location and social history.If at all possible try to identify the battalion the serviceman served in as daily war diaries were kept by the adjutant of each battalion and those records are available The National Archives.It is sometimes possible to identify more information that is specific to particular regiments but there are some general pieces of information that can be “read” in a good photograph.Try checking the neighbours on census records – sometimes you can work out how people came to know each other.Susanah also suggested checking the free access sites: Freecen, Free BMD and Freereg and Family Search. Susanah has received photographs of her own family as a result of contacts through internet searches.

Susanah called her talk “Back to Basics” and its purpose was to encourage all of us to keep on researching our families by showing us the diverse ranges of information that are available to us.She hoped to encourage beginners to make a start and the more experienced to consider alternative lines of enquiry.Susanah also said that she hoped to show that not everyone who does family history has to be an expert or even to have everything filed away tidily!The 1881 census was originally made available as a CD after it had been transcribed in America; Susanah could not find the family in the Downham Market area but eventually found the name had been transcribed as Danius.In a later census the girl is recorded as Rosie which also made searching more difficult.

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As Susanah put it: more dotted lines on the family tree and another item on the “To do list”.

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