Get more views on dating site

Posted by / 10-Aug-2017 17:46

Get more views on dating site

Instead, when filling out your profile, include the web page to bands you like or a blog you enjoy.

Maybe add the link to a You Tube clip you think is incredibly funny.

You’d be surprised, though, how many of my friends complain they can’t find someone on the site, and then when I say, “Well, have you messaged anyone? ” Although it may seem like “putting yourself out there” is different on an online dating site, that mindset won’t help you connect with anyone.

Look at it as the same as "liking" a post on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

Pay attention to the words you put in your profile.

Ok Cupid even did an entire blog post about keywords and the terms users respond to (apparently "zombie" is popular among the ladies).

Evenings after work but before bedtime are when you'll see the most users online. Like most social media sites, people are more likely to use Ok Cupid when it’s on their phone.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go on a self-promotion marathon.

Going online to find love is standard practice these days, and Ok Cupid is one of the most popular dating websites in the U. However, once you’re on Ok Cupid or another site of that ilk, finding "the one" among so many users can be a challenge.

Using a dating website is not exactly the same as going to a bar or a party.

If something in someone’s profile gets a response out of you, send them a quick message saying so, or favorite them.

You’d be surprised what even the minimal amount of effort can achieve.

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Though Ok Cupid hasn’t exactly gone the Facebook route of making pictures the most prominent aspect of a profile or page, it is true that the more pictures you add to your profile, the better sense people can get of who you are.