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Intimidating witness massachusetts

Burgos only to disclose these criminal complaints if at the time she signed the application she had been “convicted of a crime” or had “had a judgment withheld or deferred,” or was at the time of the application “currently charged with committing a crime.” The Hearing Officer found that because the Iowa state court criminal charges had been dismissed, some eighteen months before Ms. Burgos had no obligation to disclose these charges under the terms of §162R(a)(1) in connection with her 2012 application. Burgos’ Iowa state court case had been dismissed without any action. As a result, she was still “currently charged with committing a crime.” The Federal Court did not dismiss her indictment until May 24, 2012, some six weeks after she had submitted her license application. Burgos with regard to Iowa proceedings gave her little satisfaction.

However, as stated earlier, this dismissal resulted because of a superseding federal indictment. Burgos’ case shows that, in fact, an initial “pretrial conference” had been held on April 14, 2011 on her federal indictment. Burgos never reported this pretrial conference to the Commissioner as required by §162V(b). The Hearing Officer found that there was clear and convincing evidence that Ms.

Burgos had failed to report to the Commissioner under .

Burgos tried to disavow the admissions she made under oath in the Charlestown District Court stating that: I believe that in accessing the records of Safety Insurance, I was acting as my own agent in reviewing a claim MY CAR had been involved in. Burgos’ guilty pleas …demands that they be conclusive on the issue of the facts of her actions of using her manager’s position to obtain information that was used in an [sic] criminal conspiracy with Mr.

Paul Muckle was convicted in the Boston Municipal Court Department (BMC) of intimidating a person furthering a court proceeding, see G. On the parties' cross appeals, the Appeals Court reversed the dismissal of the intimidation charge and affirmed the convictions.

Julianne Campbell, Assistant District Attorney, for the Commonwealth. His posttrial motion to vacate the intimidation conviction was allowed, and that charge was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction in the BMC. The underlying facts of the case are fully set forth in the Appeals Court's opinion and need not be repeated here.

The investigation resulted in a superseding federal indictment against both Ms. Thomas for the possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number in interstate commerce. Burgos answered and said no one had authority to drive her vehicle, but that Mr. She then filed a stolen vehicle report with the police and filed a damage claim with her insurer, Safety Insurance. (“Congress”) in 2003 as a cus­tomer service representative in 2003.

The firearm with the obliterated serial number, however, resulted in federal agents investigating the case. Burgos had started with the Congress Auto Insurance Agency, Inc.

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Burgos admitted that she had accessed Safety Insurance’s computer records using “her position as a manager” to access these “computer records showing the witness and victim, Mr. Burgos on the charges she was admitting were true, the Judge entered a finding that there existed sufficient facts to prove that Ms. Iowa District Court Charges Not Upheld On April 11, 2012, Ms.

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