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As long as you don't find it too frustrating though, Kenseiden is a well-designed and enjoyable game.

It doesn't seem to be among the Master Systems best-known games though which is a little strange.

The first one is a spinning 'fire wheel' (with a skull in the middle, of course, for maximum scariness) which whirls around the screen spitting deadly blue fire everywhere.

It took me a good few tries to defeat this idiot and the others are even harder as you would expect!

Killing them does occasionally leave behind a collectable though such as extra energy, extra lives, or a sword which increases you attack power.

It probably sounds a bit like Shinobi so far and Kenseiden is a pretty similar game to Sega's better known adventure.

For the europeans, SCART is a common thing since ever, but we were stuck with RF and RCA for our classic consoles.I reckon it's not a nice thing to do on online boards () and it may be even against the forums rules, but I think you guys are among the few that can help me with a problem.I'm a brazilian videogame enthusiast, being a Master System fan for more than two decades (like you guys might know, the console was very popular here).This can also be difficult though as some enemies will appear right on top of you giving you little chance of avoiding or killing them, at least before you've lost some precious life.The other major reason(s) for the game's difficulty are the boss battles which really are battles!

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The detail is also very impressive and this all helps to create a superbly authentic atmosphere which is complemented nicely by the decent soundtrack which mostly consists of slow, moody tunes that suit the action well.

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