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The answers of the first two celebrities are ordinary "straight" answers. Simpson wrote: "Murder O'Clock." A reply where Paris Hilton is the final respondent to a question has been used in every segment for at least the last four years, usually about her promiscuous dating habits.The third is the gag answer and often relates to something unseemly about the celebrity. To the question: "My favorite time of day is..." Evangeline Lilly wrote: "Dawn." Matt Lauer wrote "Twilight". O'Brien and bandleader Max Weinberg have been used as well, with answers that perceive O'Brien as a loser and Max as a pervert.Dr Satchidananda Panda, the study’s lead author, said that at certain times of day the liver, intestines and muscles are at peak efficiency, while at other times they are ‘sleeping’. Writing in the journal Cell Metabolism, the research team suggests that restricting meal times could help to lower obesity levels. Dr Panda, of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, said eating patterns may have changed in recent years as people have more reasons to stay up into the night.Conan awards members of the studio audience for various talents.Typically this will always include "best celebrity impression" to highlight lookalikes (as in movie casting), and then a variety of other awards which are achieved with props and superimposed images.In this sketch, Conan has supposedly sent out questionnaires to celebrities and he reads their replies.Conan reads a question and then recites the answer that each of three celebrities gave.

In response to a recent news story, usually about misconduct, Conan speaks at length about his moral outrage, and his feeling of responsibility to remove this type of behavior from society; meanwhile, the camera occasionally makes brief cuts from Conan to Max.

Reintroduced on Tonight June 8, 2009, and performed many times on Tonight, Richter is introduced as Conando's sidekick Nachito, who always shows up when Conando is about to make love to the damsel, thus spoiling the romantic mood.

In one sketch, the damsel did not end up with Conando but rather Mario Lopez.

This sketch is very similar to one Conan performed with the Happy Happy Good Show in 1988.

The sketch was invented prior to the actual year 2000, but the show's writers decided to keep the named year the same even after the passing of the titular year, in a sort of ironic twist.

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In 2006, the naming format was changed to simply "The [guest's name] Edition". It's time, once again, to look into the future." Andy/Guest: "The future, Conan? Let's look to the future, all the way to the year 2000!

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