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She says now: “If he pretended to fancy me when we were together and just slept with me for money, does that make him a prostitute – or just a lying bastard?

” The markets for prostitution have expanded rapidly since poorer regions in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa have become popular with well-off tourists from the west in recent decades.

The most popular depiction of romance tourism is the 1989 film Shirley Valentine, in which the central character travels to a Greek island craving love and attention.

Shirley was not a sex tourist; she wanted an emotional attachment.

The practice has become less stigmatised and tour operators even add thinly veiled references to sex tourism for women as a marketing strategy. Academic researchers often class women such as Barbara as “romance tourists”, as they usually believe the men they meet on holiday are in love with them.

Paradise: Love is part of a trilogy by the Austrian writer and director Ulrich Seidl.

Her destination was an all-inclusive resort in Negril, on the western tip of Jamaica, one of the biggest destinations for female sex tourism. – there he was,” she tells me over the phone from her home town of Sheffield. His locks were down his back and his legs were like a footballer’s.

I thought, ‘Why is he looking at me like he fancies me?

It depicts the apartheid-like conditions at a resort in Kenya, where the beach boys stand in line outside a hotel waiting for a white woman to “romance”, while a security guard ensures they do not cross the physical and symbolic line that divides their turf from the plush grounds.

That echoes what I saw when I visited Negril back in 2003.

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Barbara, like many women who find “romance” in Negril, says she is shunned by men of her own age in the UK, “because they want thinner, younger women and for some reason can get them”.

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