Sex meet rooms

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Sex meet rooms

There are good reasons for pastors not to meet behind closed doors with someone of the opposite sex.For the sake of transparency, it can be a wise decision to choose to meet, say, at a coffee shop or somewhere with an open-door policy.How on earth can he be expected to represent half the country if he won’t eat at the same table as us?

However, if we look not to Graham for an example of how to treat women but to Jesus, we will find a different path to follow.Several female pastors I spoke with told me that they wouldn’t have a job if they abided by this rule because meeting one-on-one with men is part of what they have to do within their congregation.Women, after all, have more to fear from men than men from women in terms of their physical safety.But can you imagine a professional woman refusing to meet one-on-one with her male colleagues?“Sorry, Jack, but we can’t talk alone in this conference room. ” In 80 percent of sexual assaults, the victim knows the assailant, and 8 percent of rapes happen at work, yet I’ve never heard of a woman in the workplace — let alone the church — refusing to meet with a man.

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