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Much uncleanness before marriage, and much infidelity in marriage will become the natural and it will be justified from every angle.It will even enter Christian circles and we will let it - even sin against nature.In it I saw a stampede, like cattle, of Modern Christianity heading straight for a cliff, and although some of us were yelling at them and waving our arms, I could not get their attention.Then the Lord spoke to me and told me, "Even if they could hear you, which they can't, they will not listen".Christians will not be open for penetrating preaching.

And then the vision broke, and I saw as it were, a scene as it would be after a terrible explosion with dust and debris floating down in the air.

I have received it from God, and nothing of it goes against what the Bible tells." -------- I am repeating this vision to you because of what the Lord showed me in 2002 – not as detailed, but just as harrowing.

Many of you may remember the vision I had of the Stampede.

Churches and prayer houses will be emptier and emptier.

Instead of the preaching we have been used to for generations -like, to take your cross up and follow Jesus, - entertainment, art and culture will invade the churches where there should have been gatherings for repentance and revival.

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I knew that the only things that can end a stampede is either to let them run themselves out – which there was time for that – or something explosive would have to happen to break the hypnotic sway that they were mesmerized with.

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