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Two thousand maniacs online dating

Pfft, they deserved what they got, I'm not sorry to say. First to go is the dumb blonde who goes off with one hillbilly only to have him cut off her thumb, and then later her arm which is then put on a spit during the festive "barbecue." The amputation is nicely done with the effects - a lot better than some of the stuff Lewis would do later.

Next up is the little annoying drunk boy who would have gotten the coolest looking death of all if they had actually showed it to us.

They are way more interesting than any of the travelers, even the two main ones, Terry and Tom, who are only a little bit smarter than their counterparts.

I don't know if it is my favorite yet, but I can definitely say that it is the most well-made and entertaining of what I've seen so far. Two groups of travelers find themselves in the little town of Pleasant Valley, where they seem to be "special guests" for the town's centennial celebration.Regular readers of my reviews may know I have a soft spot for musicals, and one of my favorites (though not necessarily in its film form) is the great old Lerner and Loewe evergreen Brigadoon.For those not conversant with this classic from the Golden Age of Broadway, it concerns two hunters who wander into a village lost in the mists of Scotland, and apparently also only occasionally emerging from the mists of time.Our Yanks don't know any of this at first, of course, and prove to be excellent fodder for the townspeople because they are absolutely ridiculous to believe that they would be special guests for a random town's centennial.And they just completely put their plans on hold because they get put in a crappy hotel by some of the most annoying and creepy people ever? The people have come up with some impressive ways to kill their guests, obviously modeled after what was done to them a hundred years ago.

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