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Updating cpan modules

This time round, we’re recommending a 2.5A adapter if you want to connect power-hungry USB devices to the Raspberry Pi.Raspberry Pi 3 is available to buy today from our partners element14 and RS Components, and other resellers.A partial list of those who made major direct contributions to the BCM2837 chip program, BCM43438 integration and Raspberry Pi 3 follows: Dinesh Abadi, James Adams, Cyrus Afghahi, Aravind Appajappa, Jeff Baer, Sayoni Banerjee, Jonathan Bell, Marc Bright, Srinath Byregowda, Cindy Cao, KK Chan, Nick Chase, Nils Christensson, Dom Cobley, Teodorico Del Rosario Jr, Phil Elwell, Darshan Gopal, Shawn Guo, Gordon Hollingworth, Brand Hsieh, Andy Hulbert, Walter Kho, Gerard Khoo, Yung-Ching Lee, David Lewsey, Xizhe Li, Simon Long, Scott Mc Gregor, James Mills, Baruyr Mirican, Alan Morgan, Kalevi Ratschunas, Paul Rolfe, Matt Rowley, Akshaye Sama, Saran Kumar Seethapathi, Serge Schneider, Shawn Shadburn, Noumaan Shah, Mike Stimson, Stuart Thomson, Roger Thornton, James Tong, James Turner, Luke Wren.

Accordingly, Raspberry Pi 3 is now on sale for (the same price as the existing Raspberry Pi 2), featuring: For Raspberry Pi 3, Broadcom have supported us with a new So C, BCM2837.

We do expect to produce a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A, with the Model A form factor, during 2016. We expect to introduce a BCM2837-based Compute Module 3 in the next few months. Video Core IV 3D is the only publicly documented 3D graphics core for ARM-based So Cs, and we want to make Raspberry Pi more open over time, not less.

We’ll be demoing Compute Module 3 at our partners’ launch events this morning. BCM2837 runs most of the Video Core IV subsystem at 400MHz and the 3D core at 300MHz (versus 250MHz for earlier devices). 10x is a typical figure for a multi-threaded CPU benchmark like Sys Bench.

Real-world applications will see a performance increase of between 2.5x (for single-threaded applications) and 20x (for NEON-enabled video codecs).

A project like this requires a vast amount of focused work from a large team over an extended period.

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Combining a 33% increase in clock speed with various architectural enhancements, this provides a 50-60% increase in performance in 32-bit mode versus Raspberry Pi 2, or roughly a factor of ten over the original Raspberry Pi.