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Validating xml using sax parser

For XML data that uses unstructured storage, the database has no knowledge of the XML structure —the data is treated as flat text, but for binary XML storage that structure is known.

You exploit this structural knowledge to create virtual columns, which the database can then use with constraints.

The easiest way to make these XML documents available to Oracle Database is to load them into Oracle XML DB Repository.

You can load XML documents from a local file system into Oracle XML DB Repository using protocols such as Web DAV, from Windows Explorer or other tools that support Web DAV.

SAX is an XML standard interface provided by XML parsers for event-based applications.

You can use SAX to load a database table from very large XML files in the order of 30 MB or larger, by creating individual documents from a collection of nodes. You can also store XML documents in Oracle XML DB Repository, and access these documents using path-based rather than table-based techniques.

Figure 3-1 shows a simple drag and drop operation for copying the contents of the data.

JDOM 2.0.x versions are out, and work is starting on identifying what new features can be added to a future 2.1.x release series.XML developers can leverage the power of XML standards while working in the context of a relational database. That is, individual XML elements and attributes are not mapped to individual database columns or tables.This means that, to constrain XML data according to the values of individual elements or attributes, the standard approach for relational data does not apply.If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for something that is, or should be, in a 2.1.x release, please write in to jdom-interest.Current features being considered are improved XPath support (XPath 2.0) and updated XSLT processing, and also an extended St AX Handling API.

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The implementation is available in the Java, C and Perl programming languages.

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