Vray unhandled exception updating material

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If the Enable Distributed Tiles Rendering checkbox is checked, it will be unchecked.This option REPLACES the “Crop” option in the Render mode drop-down list in the 3ds Max UI.The integrated render job submission script and the following installation procedure has been tested with 3ds Max versions 9, 2008, 2009, and 2010 (including Design editions).Installation of the Submission Script When running a MAXScript job through Deadline, there is an interface that Deadline exposes called Deadline Util which you can use to get information about the job being rendered.Use the Add, Remove, and Clear All buttons to add and remove objects from the list of objects to bake.Batch Submission The 3ds Command Sanity Check script defines a set of functions to be called to ensure that the scene submission does not contain typical errors like wrong render view and frame range settings, incorrect output path, etc.To modify these settings from the Monitor, right-click on the job and select Modify Properties, then select the 3dsmax tab.

The file name of the new template will be set as the current MAXScript Job file automatically.

See the Deadline Quicktime documentation for more information on the available options.

Render To Texture This option enables texture baking through Deadline.

Updating the Error Report You can rerun/update the Sanity Check in one of the following ways: The following procedure describes how to install the integrated Autodesk 3ds Max submission script.

The integrated submission script allows for submitting 3ds Max render jobs to Deadline directly from within the 3ds Max editing GUI.

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The checkbox determines whether the error will be taken into account by the final result of the check.

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