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"The involved members were not able to hear the public address system from within the aircraft.They became aware their conversation had been broadcast and immediately turned the system off," he said."So they have a magnet at the end of a piece of string." The former Apprentice star then started doing the action of picking up the boules, while struggling to keep a straight face.Holding back the giggles, he said: "Why exhaust yourself picking up your balls when you can do it with a magnet?The former Ex On The Beach star is no stranger to talking about her love life, her sex life and other X-Rated conversations.During a chat with some of her fellow Big Brother housemates, Chanelle revealed her top tips for going on a date and, more specifically, how not to prepare for one.Upstairs, Big Brother's resident Dreamboy made his feelings very clear as he listened to the roaring laughter below. I think I’ve hit my limit to what I can take from certain people.No one's done anything wrong but certain people are too much for me.

"Having a backyard hang out with the gals and the megaphone on that chopper was loud and clear," Natanielle Felicitas tweeted around 10 p.m. Others snippets of the conversation included "too much body hair," she wrote.What started as Joe simply asking Rebecca if she was still angry turned into a heated row when Rebecca "brought Joe's daughter into it", forcing Big Brother to step in. Emotional, she told the Diary Room: "I came in here with him, I’ve got so much loyalty to him.The nightclub owner erupted: "Don't bring my daughter into it, you silly f*****g idiot. The tone is set in a remarkable early scene in which Rick (Pullman) bounds into the office of Duke, who is half his age, and debases himself in a paroxysm of male bonding behavior.They curse, they drink, they smoke cigars, they pound each other to show what great guys they are, and Rick at one point actually crawls on the floor and seems likely to hump Duke's leg.


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